Technology for the engineering of our roots

It takes a while to look behind what has been added in our life over last one century. What we in our life, have added to strengthen those roots is little. This is one such endeavor to create technology for the engineering mainstay we live upon.   

Creating a kick

It needs a pump to elevate

We are bringing that kick to our energy circuits. These are places where systems have traditionally delivered less. Our pledge is to add one more watt-hour in its output and one more and one more again. Had the job been any easy it would have been done by now. Its not as easy, that is where we come in.

We are making wind turbines smarter and grid friendly. We are creating advanced controllers that help turbines to cycle more and capture more power. This is a hardware enabled technology which supports the core function of the wind turbine to push its envelope to deliver more output than before.  

We are a team of upbeat, young and ready to roll scientists & engineers filling our cart.


Our Cart

We are currently in the middle of development and analysis of our new controller design, this entails operating a test case turbine in controlled environment and publishing results. Multiple scientific & engineering trajectories meet at the right point and at the right time to make it happen. We are all in the same cart.   


It starts with mechanical & electrical. Lot of electronics are involved in the process of creating the test case. 


To give instructions to each of the components that we have brought together.


System instrumentation delivers plethora of data. This tool helps to decode a sense to all the information being matched.   

The engineering of wind 

Wind is an oscillating source of energy

Wind is one of the most unique form of energy supplies that is currently making it to the grid. A turbine has to deal with a lot of mood swings that wind throws. Its always game on between a turbine and wind.  

Where we come in ?

We have created a technological module known as windTRAIN™ technology that helps navigate the turbine through these rough corners. It bridges the gap between what wind brings into the system and ultimately what turbine delivers.   


How windTRAIN™ benefit wind turbines ? 

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windTRAIN™ technology has enormous impact on the grid stability of turbines, by advance speed momentum control.

It thus reduce the number of power curtailment events occurring in a year due to

fluctuating power outputs and grid stability issues and hence provide an increment in power output & reliability at wind farm level.

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 windTRAIN™ technology, by utilising wind turbulence in its favour, increase the Annual Energy Production of a turbine unit by a factor in single digit and in some cases where turbulence is high, gains can be significantly higher.

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windTRAIN™ technology can be used to smoothen out the acceleration and deceleration of the turbine when rapidly fluctuating aerodynamic loads are present thus reducing the detrimental stresses. This entails reduced O&M cost, while increasing the life cycle of the asset.

 whats the impact?


Energetic gain data is based at 25% Capacity Factor for 1 MW unit installed without any direct interference of other wind turbine unit (or wake effect) over simulated conditions. Mechanical Stress reduction life cycle calculation based on stipulated stress reversal cycle over a period of 25 years. Energy Storage accounts for specific nos. of unit to be taken up for replacement in retrofit and fresh installation mode post validation


Filling in for the lift-off...

We appreciate new resources, fresh minds and out-of-the box thinking to help us create more light.


If you find this of interest, 


Please drop in your CV (or just few lines), we'll get back to you.  


Meet The Team


Samarth Jain

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Lead Engineer
BE (Aerospace Engg.)
Univ. of Southampton 


Dishant Mishra

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Project Head

MS (Wind Energy) 

Univ. of Oldenburg & NTUA Athens


Dr. Jami Hussain

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Senior Advisor

Vice President & Technical Chair, World Wind Energy Association